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Smorgasm Mods Dungeon Defenders
Shared by feller2007
***********sorry but u have to have 4.0 beta to download this save sorry guys**************

well i am gona stop making gamesaves for a while becasue of course black ops 2 is next week ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
well this is one save you will never forget
all u need is tutorial trophie for all trophies
8 moded characters fully equiped
i stacked 22 pets again but it is now on the monk
the first apprentice squire and monk all have weapons swapped
tavern floor is full of pets and tavern item box is full not just full it is beyond full there is 49 pages in the item box
so item box plus chracters plus yavern floor about 63 pages of mods 717 items
2billion mana
items in tavern shop are moded
thanks for all the modders who helped me throughout these past couple of months :) luv u guys
have fun and if anyone wants to get in touch with me mesage me on www.purchasemods.com username is feller2007
have fun and of course leave a comment on any ideas for my next gamesave which i want to make 2 moded and non moded of course i wont make it for a couple of months but start thinkinggood by and good luck

thank you sam for the idea of making this wonderful save
Thank you DSL TOAD BOLAZ for the lightsaber
The SnowMaynne for stealing it and giving it back
& GONZO for being there for moral support
263 points
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