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100% GTA IV God Mode
Shared by NOSKOP3D
This Save game gives you the achievements
-Key to the city which is 100 percent =)
-Half Million which is the 500,000 dollar one just kill someone and pickup their money

The save has
All Cheats i think =p to lazy to check
Infernuses on all houses (fastest car)
Max Money
All Girlfriends
All friend benefits
All Pigeons killed
Near God Mode (You die if you jump off a building) but dont take damage by a gun.

How to Mod
1) Start up GTA IV
2) Load up your save
3) Once the game has started up make a save if you don't have on yet.
4) Go to your DashBoard and go to System Settings
5) Go to Memory then Memory again,Click on your hard drive ,click on games and search for GTA IV
6) Transfer the left 4 dead savegame to your usb or your transfer cable
7) Open up your usb xtaf xplorer and extract your GTA IV savegame
8) Go to Modio Click on the M on the top left hand corner and click open a file
9) Open your savegame up then open mine make sure you saved your savegame somewhere else because if you saved at the same spot it would delete my modded savegame
10) Null the ID'S on my modded savegame it should look like E0000000000000 on Profile ID'S
11) Copy your profile ID'S and your Console ID'S onto my modded savegame
12) Rehash and Resign delete your current file in your usb xtaf and put in my modded Savegame
13) Transfer the Savegame to your hard drive a
14) Start up your game and if it doesn't load up my save hit "Start" and load my save.
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