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Skyrim Custom Honeyside Manor
Shared by NoVa Gamester
This is one of the most beautiful saves out there right now for Skyrim! And the best part - it's still being developed! You can see this save on the official Game-Tuts YouTube channel, here: http://adf.ly/pxTGV

What's inside this save:

Throne Room
Quest Line Display Room
Shrine/Worship Room
Daedric Display Room
Dinning Room
Crafting Room
Enchanting Room
Trophy Room
Dawnguard Display Room

Male Nord
Perk Points: 250
Dragon Souls: 100
Carry Weight: 5000
Gold: 1,000,000+
Lockpicks: 100,000+
Vampire Lord and Werewolf Powers
1 Location Discovered: Helegn
1 Quest Completed: Unbound

Favorites: Greybeard's, Executioner, Ulfric's Gag (Waterbreathing)
Gold Rings - FireFX, IceFX, GhostFX (IN THE ARMORY SAFE)
Gold Ruby Necklace - Health +1,000,000 & Stamina +1,000,000
Gold Sapphire Ring - Magicka +1,000,000 & 0 Shout Cool Down Time
Silver Amethyst Ring - DarkFX & Constant damage to near hostiles
Silver Ring - Invisibility & Invulnerability(Ethereal)
Blacksmith's Apron - Smithing +1,000,000 (ON THE FORGE)
Silver Sapphire Necklace - Alchemy & Enchanting +250,000 (ON THE TABLE BETWEEN THE ENCHANTING AND POTION ALTARS.)

Favorites: Giant's Club
Daedric Bow - Unrelenting Force & Disarm
Daedric Sword - Ice Form (Supposedly insta-kill)
Daedric Arrows - 1,000 Count

Muiri, Lydia, and Shadowmere set to essential
Soul gems and enchanting gear have been placed near respective crafting areas.
999x of each ingredient under alchemy altar.
999x of all ores and ingots & 999x leather, leather strips, dragon bones, and dragon scales in the Smithing Hall.


For all the information you'll ever need to know about the save, the latest updates, and the latest download for the save, visit the original thread: http://adf.ly/pxTJX

For help using this save, go here to read how to use it: http://adf.ly/pxTLL.

All credit for this marvelous save goes to roostercogburno!
1,992 points
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