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Dark Souls Modded Save
Shared by killa of
Version 2 is out look at the more then press from killa of then download the Dark souls modded save V2

has 3 characters all on second play through. all items weapons game progress ECT is the same on all the characters except the level and gender

1st level 709 (male: name "Ryan")
2nd level 120 (female: name "Jodie")
3rd level 85 (male: name "Matty")

the campian progress on them.
just unlocked sen fortress (complete that to unlock anor londo

this is all what the 3 characters have

has 60000 indictments

all stats at 99

health and stamina at 9999

every good weapons,shields and armors in the game (including dlc)

has 999 of all arrows

has 2 stacks of 99 of all upgrade items

has a few stacks of usable items 99 each (usable items are like souls etus flask ect)

all rings and all keys

souls 999999999

unlimited spells equipped name (wrath of the god,white dragon breath,sunlight spear,chaos storm,karmic justice,fire surge,fire tempest,homing crystal soulmass,great chaos fireball"

can warp to any warpable bonfire (even anor londo which i havent dont yet)

has some upgraded weapons and armors you cant upgrade in the game like havels armor smoughs armor ect
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