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Saints Row 3 Modded
Shared by TrevorisPro
[Directions at Bottom] Please like!
This gamesave includes the following:

*Dual weild guns (Modded)
*100% Complete
*Near max $
*Most outfits
*All assassinations
*All sex dolls
*All money crates
*Amazing guns
*Amazing vehicles
*All upgrades
*Few cheats
*All homies
*All properties & stores owned
And Much More!!

You should get a few achievements!

If ANY help is needed contact me via Xbox LIVE Gamer Tag; RaWr FrozenOver
Please drop a like if this helped!

1. Put Memory Unit in Xbox
2. Find your profile
3. Put profile on to Memory Unit
4. Download my game save
5. Press 'Save to (Gamer Tag)'
6. Put Memory Unit in Xbox HDD
7. Have fun leading a gang!!
30 points
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