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Terraria Xbox 360 All Items V3
Shared by justintime4you
All new items are on the top shadow chest with the sign.

Preview of v4 + News about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fssUrBycvzQ

I am thexboxis1337 on S7. If you need help
feel free to pm on the modio forums.

EDIT 4: Funny how people are saying i never was working on a v4, I was and it was about to be released but i dediced not to since people like to flam over anything. Keep beleaving what you want.

Please note: I Know that some of the chest do not open or are dont have anything in them, This is bc i had stuff in them that i didnt think every one should have.

If you like or dislike this save Please Please Please Give me a review so i can Fix/ make the save better!

**This does NOT mean use the report button.
711 points
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