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    Default MW3 MP Editor


    1: Download the Editor

    2: Find your MPData, (Plug in HDD>Xport 360>Partition 3>Your Profile>Cod: MW3> MPDATA (Offline)

    3: Drag it out to the Desktop

    4: Open it up in the Editor

    5: Mod whatever you want! (Prestige, Classes, Weapons, Camos, Kills... Etc)

    6: Rehash & Resign, Place back into HDD

    Note: This is for Offline use only!

    Thanks to "Hetelek" and "Experiment5X" Over at XboxMB for the tool! Not this is for Offline (Split Screen, System Link) Only... For now at least...!

    Download: Click Here

    Executable: Click Here

    Getting Errors:

    Make sure your extracting the mpdata file in the con mpdata file with Horizon.

    Also make sure, You have something selected for the Weapons boxes, They need to add the value 0 as None. Which they are working on now!

    Make sure you have done all of this correctly:

    Quote Originally Posted by FPSReJect

    Follow These steps Below

    • 1.Get a MPDATA Save
      2.Open Your Save In Horizon Content tab then right click mpdata file in there
      4. click extract then save it to somewhere
      5. now open the mpdata you just extracted in the program once modded save then go back to horizon
      7. now back to the content tab then replace the file in there with the modded one
      8. now rehash and resign then DONE!

    just to help people, to stop them from getting the ERROR code
    C&P'd From TTG:
    The Tech Game - Call of Duty: MW3 Game Editor! Mod Your Multiplayer Stats!

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