Undead Labs has just dropped some new
details on their upcoming expansion State of
Decay: Lifeline. Contrary to the zombie fiction
norm, the team over at Undead Labs is not
using the government as their “go-to badguy”
and are, instead, going in the opposite
direction. Lifeline will see servicemen and
women fight with everything they’ve got to
ensure that civilization doesn’t crumble into
chaos. Now, military personnel are nothing
new to State of Decay, but they have been
nothing more than side characters up until this
point. Lifeline is putting the spotlight directly
on them.

You’ll be strapped into the boots of a
Greyhound One unit member sent to rescue
scientists who are working on providing a
solution to the outbreak. Needless to say, their
work is of the utmost importance and your top
priority. Greyhound One won’t find themselves
roaming the rural environment of Trumbull
Valley, however. The “fallen city of Danforth” is
your new playground, although we know
nothing more than the name at this point. We
are told a full map reveal will happen in the
coming weeks.

Probably the most interesting part about
Lifeline is that it flips the very nature of State
of Decay upside down. Here, you are a soldier.
As a soldier, you have access to high-grade
weaponry. You can call in off-map support,
such as artillery, and mow down hordes with
your shiny new firearms. The player starts off
as an unstoppable brute and then transitions
into the role of a forced-to-improvise and
desperate killer. Resources will be used up and
gone forever, making the progression forward
an upward battle. This should be a refreshing
change of pace for current State of Decay
players that have already logged countless
hours working up from 2x4s and crowbars.

Lastly, Undead Labs is beefing up the home
defense mechanic of the gaming in Lifeline
with the Landing Zone. The Landing Zone area
is set up early on in the expansion and serves
as the home base. This base can be used to
receive supply drops or extract civilians. Given
that it is occupied by military personnel, it has
an edge in the battle against the undead.
Minefields can be set up; highly-trained
soldiers cover structurally weak areas; a
healthy (at first) stock of weapons resides here.
But resources deplete and the relentless
zombie hordes can overrun it if given the
chance, leaving the civilians as a tasty treat

Source: State of Decay: Lifeline Explores the Military Side of the Apocalypse