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    Default --How To Mod Your PSP--

    Hey Guys xK1LLA KONG x Here and i love psp modding!! so enjoy this tut! and not all credit to me~

    1 Slim PSP <----The one I got was the Piano Black one. All those Daxter and Star Wars packages are kinda worthless unless you want a different colored PSP, in which case I'm pretty sure it will still work but hey you COULD just download those games (which is illegal....ahem) if you're that desperate to play them.

    1 Sony Memory Stick <----As of right now, the biggest stick that custom firmware supports is the 4 Gig Stick. It sucks and sure you'd like to have a nice 8 GB or the rumored 16 GB ones that are coming out soon but I guess you'll have to wait until the mod scene gets up on it. Make sure the stick is BLANK or that you have BACKED UP ALL IMPORTANT FILES. Because what we're doing here involves FORMATTING THE CARD. For those who are not tech savvy, it means all the info on the card will be deleted. Forever. So get a nice 2GB one (512 Minimum!!!! Or else none of this sh*t will work) and get an official one cause those cheap ones sometimes don't work.

    WINDOWS XP <----There is a way to do it with Vista but this is very complicated and it was not working for me SO I used a comp with XP on it and it goes a lot smoother. Sorry if you got Vista or Mac or Linux but hey, it proves once again that Sony and other companies don't get along...f*ck a 3Cept...just joking...maybe...

    A Working Internet Connection <-----

    Some manner of knife/exacto knife/screwdriver AND a razor blade <-----We need these not to use during a stick up jux or pay back to dude who was eying your girl that weekend at the club even after ol girl was like "My man is crazy and he'll cut you...." but to open up the battery AND proceed with the techno-surgery we are about to do.

    A mini USB cord OR a card reader <--- The mini USB cord is to connect your PSP to your computer...OR if you have a card reader you can use that. I used the mini usb cord that came with my Sprint Mogul (very handy ) but they're kinda affordable anyways and most recent comps have card readers as well...I'd go with the cord...

    WinRAR <---- Google it...seriously I know at least one of you have downloaded anime, some manner of donkey porn, or some sh*t that required WinRAR.

    Optional But Recommended (Just Get One Ok?)

    1 PSP Extra Battery <---- It's also known as the Extended Battery Kit. It's a spare battery and if you wanna read the tutorial to find out WHY you should buy one (you can get this from Amazon or friggin GameStop easily) skip to near the end and you'll see why.


    So now that we have our tools of destruction...next we need to get our geek on and download some FILES.

    You will need:

    The Partion Mover <---- There should be minimum three (3) files in this: the msipl.bib, msinst.exe, and a readme

    The Pandora Files <----- This has the eboots, folders, bin file, etc. that will be mentioned later on...

    Aight now take a deep breath...breathe...it's gonna be ok...you won't blow your face off or do anything wrong. Maybe you wanna watch Fight Club or Maguyver for some confidence in what you're about to do. SET ASIDE SOME TIME. I would'nt advise doing this and then stopping and then doing it again. Set aside a few hours in a quiet work area so you can focus on what you're doing.

    Phase One: Creating the PROPER Memory Stick

    This is where your PSP will be getting the info it needs to be modded so be sure to follow these steps VERY carefully.

    1)Turn on the psp and go into USB mode
    2)Download Winrar (see downloads section) if you havent already
    3)When your computer detects the PSP, go to "My Computer"
    4)Right-click on your PSP's drive and select "Format"
    5)Format the memory stick
    6)Next download the "Universal Unbricker" (we talked about this in the downloads section)
    7)Place all the files inside of it onto your psp's drive. These files should include:

    -Three folders called "PSP", "kd", and "registry"
    -Three eboots called "150.pbp", "340.pbp", and "371.pbp"
    -One bin file called "msipl.bin"

    Phase Two: Moving the Partitions

    (NOTE: Keep your memory stick in through USB or card reader )

    1)Download the Partition Mover (We talked about this earlier)
    2)Extract the folder "msinst" to your hard drive (C:\)
    3)Go to "My Computer" and find your PSP drive letter (Removable Disk "?")
    4)Go to "Start"
    5)Go to "Run"
    6)Type in "cmd" and press OK

    From here, there should be a black and silverish white screen. This is the command prompt for Windows and if you are'nt familiar with this...just try to follow along, and try to download a Windows for Dummies book to read on your PSP later. Yes you can do that. Anyways if you see the command prompt, you're all good and are ready to continue.

    7)Type this in: "cd C:\msinst"
    8)Next, type in "msinst ? msipl.bin" (remember No quotes) (also, replace ? with your removable disk letter)(also, use a CAPITAL LETTER to represent your drive. example: C:\msinst>msinst J msipl.bin)
    9)It will show some stuff and give you 2 options:

    1)Y=Yes 2)N=No

    If you press "N" I would suggest you go to your nearest gun shop or hood emporium and find the cheapest most effective gun and use it on yourself. There's no point for you being here, and you're ruining the gene pool. Aim for the face.

    10)You should receive a confirmation that the partitions were successfully moved

    Thats it! You're done with your magic memory stick and partition moving!!!!!

    That wasnt so hard now was it? Now, lets continue! Because here comes the dangerous/hard part. MAKE SURE YOU FULLY CHARGED YOUR BATTERY BEFORE YOU BEGIN BECAUSE IF IT GOES OUT DURING THE WHOLE PROCESS YOU ARE A FEMALE PORN STAR AT THE END OF HER SCENE....F*CKED!!!

    Phase Three: Hard Modding Your PSP Battery

    1)Take your battery (THE ONE THAT CAME WITH THE PSP) and open it using the knife or exacto knife. Guys be careful because it's a Lithium Ion battery and if you poke or cut the inner pack, the sh*t could explode or catch on fire.

    2)Look on the main board for the display "ICO4" or "CO4" (depending on your battery)

    3)Now, take a needle or something like that and remove pin #5
    here is a diagram: (NOTE: you can find pin #5 easily when the ICO4 or CO4 display is facing you!!!!)
    __ (pin 4) __ (pin 8)
    __ (pin 3) __ (pin 7)
    __ (pin 2) __ (pin 6)
    __ (pin 1) __ (pin 5)

    Now I know what you're saying. Exodus this is f*ckin crazy and I don't know what the flying f*ck you're talking about. Well that's why in the year 2008 we have things called pictures:

    As you can see there are the 8 pins BUT to make life easier, the way I did it was the way it's done in the picture. I just cut into the chip with the razor blade until the circuit that LEADS to the pin you're supposed to cut, is broken. This is exactly like removing or soldering the pin but since I don't know jack sh*t about soldering I did it this way. You might think i'm a b*tch for doing it this way but f*ck your mother ok? Notice how and where the cut was made into the board. If you look behind it, you'll notice that the little copper circuit that would lead to the pin you want cut? YOU CUT INTO IT! Meaning the circuit is broken...meaning...yeah...YOU'RE DONE HARD MODDING THE BATTERY

    Seal the sum b*tch up with Crazy Glue or scotch tape but if you use scotch tape, make note that putting the battery back into the back of PSP will now be a snug fit.

    Note: Do the cutting nice and slow...back and forth. Careful not to rip any of the cords out of the battery pack, damage any other part of the chip, or damage the inner battery (remember those explosions we talked about?) or you're gonna have a ruined battery....possibly a ruined face...

    Wipe the sweat from your forehead, maybe go light a cigarette or pack a bowl /roll up a J/drugs are bad m'kay/I'm not advocating these activities/heyheyhey smoke weed everyday and prepare for the final stages of the modding.

    Now the way you know if you modded the battery the correct way is simple. If you put the battery in and the PSP turns on but nothing happens. Just the screen lighting up a little but and the power light turning on YOU DID IT CORRECTLY!!!!

    Phase Four: "I Know Kung Fu..." "Show Me...."

    Once your battery and your memory stick are being used at the same time, you will now have what the PSP Modding Community calls, a "Pandora's Battery".

    1)Make sure you put in your Magic Memory Stick
    2)Put in your Pandora Battery

    (If you see your WiFi LED and memory stick LED blink, you have it working! As though in most occasions your screen wont light up but if it does, that's always good too )

    3)When your LED's are done flashing, press "[]" (square) to dump your nand flash (just in case you brick. be warned, the file is anywhere from 32MB-64MB depending on your psp....don't do ANYTHING, just let it load what it needs)

    4)After that is done, you will be required reboot, so press X (cross) when your LED's are done flashing (or when instructed to)

    5)Re-put in your battery and the Pandora menu will load

    6)Press X (cross) to install 3.71M33

    7)After thats done, you will need to reboot again so press X (cross) (when instructed to or when the LED's are done flashing)

    8)Now, remove your battery

    9)Plug in your charger

    10)Turn on the psp

    11)Put in your battery

    12)Remove the charger

    13)And you should now be running 3.71M33!!!!!

    Question: What is 3.71-M333?

    Answer: 3.71-M33 is a kind of Custom Firmware. In simple words, it tells your PSP to do what YOU want and not what those overprice PS3 selling, sh*tty launch game pushing, Sony funboys want. Don't worry, the custom firmware is HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL and you get even MORE options than your normal ones.

    For example:

    1. You can now run ripped ISO games from your memory stick. That's right, you just download em, put em in a certain folder in your memory stick and bam you can run the game from the PSP.

    2. You can run emulators. I'm talking Collecovision, NES, Genesis, SNES, the whole shebangbang. Damn near anything up to PSX and N64. And yes you can even run PSX games. We'll get to that another time...oh yeah it's illegal so don't do it. Bite me Sony...

    3. You can run any number of OTHER useful apps. PDA Readers, PSPTube (a program that allows you to watch YouTube or DailyMotion vids on your PSP Browser) and other cool homebrew apps. Talk to me or Tic Tac for more info on these things


    Question: The 3.71 M33 I have is version whatever and I heard there's a new one out...How do I update? Oh and 3Cepts for life you biased ass mod


    1)Plug in your PSP and enter USB Mode
    2)Open "My Computer" and then your PSP drive
    3)Open the folder "PSP" then open the folder "GAME"
    4)Go to dl.qj.net <---This is a GREAT WEBSITE SO BOOKMARK IT NOW!!!
    5)Once the update is done, open it
    6)Ignore the folder called "sdk" as its not important to people who arent interested in PSP Programming
    7)Move the folder called "UPDATE" to your GAME folder
    8)Go back the the root of your PSP drive (when you first opened it)
    9)Move over the "seplugins" folder to your PSP
    10)If asked to replace, do so.
    11)Disconnect your PSP and go to the memory stick under GAME
    12)Load the update and press X when prompted to
    13)The update will finish and you will be at the most recent firmware.

    Question: Why did you tell me to buy an extra battery?

    Answer: When I first modded my PSP I found that the only way to properly load the XMB was to plug in the PSP to the charger with the battery out, have it load up and then put the battery in and then take the charger out. This is a hassle and if you're on the move you're not gonna want to do this. So you buy an extra battery, and since you already flashed your PSP and have those cool files on your memory stick, just put the new battery in and it will load up fine. Then that pandora battery you have? You can use it as a doorstop, a paperweight, ammo to throw at your cat or you can do like me and mod your friends PSPs for free (or not )

    Question: Did you come up with this yourself?

    Answer: HELL NO! I'm tech savvy but I'm not THAT good

    No this info was compiled from a number of places and I will give credit in this first post once I gather all the proper info but for now, MakavelianKode is threatening to run up in my house with the biscuits if I don't finish this tutorial so I'll make my edits later

    Any questions? Make em here and as always I will answer ASAP and help you with your modding process.

    Be Safe, have fun and put your PSP to good use

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    Default Re: --How To Mod Your PSP--

    wow guys nobody?? no wonder this site sucks ass go to thetechgame.com for better members all the moderators are the really only members here that think they are cool locking topics lol!!! you guys are scrubs

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    Default Re: --How To Mod Your PSP--

    Its 2am and its about modding your psp on a predominantly Xbox 360 website, never mind the fact that we don't have a PSP section for a reason, and its been 8 minutes. Consider all the factors then ask yourself again..

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    Copy nd paste mutch?

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    yea aleast give credit to the tut authur an why not post a tut on how to make a pandora battery its easyer an cheaper to make one but u probs dont no how seen as u copyed an pasted this tut
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