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    hey guys! im a newbie and im just having trouble right now in to getting my save rehashed and resigned. what i did was i exported the CMG file to my desktop opened hex editor changed the amount of money from the CMG file then when i try to drag it into modio it dosent allow me. it shows like a stop sign and when i try to put in the file mnually it says invalid package. so i really need help. hope someone can help me :D thanks!
    p.s the game is 2k11 and im trying to edit the skillpoints.
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    would help if we new what game this was 4

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    Hmm... I'm not an expert on this topic or anything... but have you ever tried dragging a CMG file into Modio before you modded it? I'm asking, because I don't even know if Modio will ever open a CMG file; meaning it may not be your mods, but rather, the programs inability to even open the file type.

    Try injecting the file back into where you "exported" it from (did you mean extracted?) and then rehashing that file? ie. if you extracted the file out of a gamesave file, or out of your profile, or wherever you extracted it from, try putting it back into that file, and then opening the svg file or profile in Modio, as I know Modio works with some savegames and with your profile.

    Again, I don't know a lot (or anything really...) about CMG files, I'm just trying to offer some advice that may help.

    If what I said happens to be completely inaccurate (pretty likely...) then my other suggestion would be to try and find a different program; perhaps someone else on here could recommend one? Or try and find a tool for 2k11 instead of modding the hex yourself...


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