How to mod Fallout New Vegas + all dlc with the Fallout NV VE 4.1
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    Default How to mod Fallout New Vegas + all dlc with the Fallout NV VE 4.1

    l know I already have a post about this below, but I thought starting a thread for it would benefit everyone a little more.

    Thanks cottonball, you were absolutely right.
    After some digging around on the internet and some experimenting with my gamesaves (lol), I've been able to successfully mod my game save. Turns out that zeropair hasn't updated the fallout NV VE to completely work with some of the new dlc, namely Old World Blues (OWB) and Courier's stash (CS). The easiest way to get around this is to put OWB, CS, Lonesome Road and Gun Runner's Arsenal onto a usb drive and then create a game save without those dlc's loaded. I believe (but am not entirely sure) that you can mod your experience points, attributes, skills and inventory without having to remove your dlc. However, you CANNOT mod your health, weight, DT, DR, etc. without first removing your dlc and creating a save without them loaded. If you do try to mod your health (etc.) without doing this, all you will succeed in doing is seeing your character fall flat on his/her face and not be able to move them.

    So to recap:

    1) Remove Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Couriers Stash, and Gun Runner's Arsenal (delete, move to usb, etc.)
    2) Start (new) game and save
    3) Mod to your hearts desire (make sure you do any health, weight, DT, DR, etc. mods on this step)
    3.5) Remember you can always go back later to mod your inventory
    4) Put save back on xbox (DO NOT put DLC back on yet)
    5) Load up your Fallout NV game save and once loaded save your game
    6) Put your dlc back on your xbox (re-download, move back from usb, etc.)
    7) Load up Fallout NV and enjoy!

    Note: Zeropair is working on a update (fallout nv ve 5.0), however this update will not be free. You can find out more about this here: FalloutVE 5 - SaveLab

    Thanks to everyone for their help and insight. I hope this helps anyone else who is having the same problem.
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