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Thread: GTA 5 modding

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    Default GTA 5 modding

    I posted this thread here instead of in the Rockstar/GTA5 area because modding discussion is more frequently viewed.

    Anyways, I figure the same mods that were in GTA 4 will be made(for Xbox 360 atleast), such as God mode(falling, fire, and ragdoll effects still hurt).

    What I want to know, is if people are able to make the Special edition/Collector's edition's additional content available to those who are getting the regular edition? That content includes more weapons, additional outfits, tattoos, exclusive vehicles, etc.

    I ask because I tried pre-ordering the special edition, and it's out of stock everywhere(no place within 100 miles had it in stock), and the Collector's edition is bit much, seeing as I probably won't even wear the hat or T Shirt.

    Thanks again,

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    Default Re: GTA 5 modding

    surely if theres a section for it, it belongs there? anyway are you asking for something that doesn't exist yet? chances are its just going to be a dlc code in the case that makes it "special" so it would be a nope unless you have a jtag/rgh, though im pretty sure people will be selling the codes anyway


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