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Downloads: J-Runner :)

J-Runner :)

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Uploaded by Oz - 02-28-2012
Author Author Team xecuter
File Size File Size 23.80 MB
Downloads Downloads 240
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Integrated features:
  • CPU Key functions – Get key over http and integrated cpu key database
  • DashLaunch ini Creator
  • Automated file save feature – saves files from each console to a folder based on console serial
  • Automatic Remapping of bad blocks before creating ECC image (first 50 blocks)
  • Integrated image building functions with no reliance on python
  • Read, write and compare nand images independent of nandpro
  • Automated update notification – always have the latest version, when available (requires Internet connection)
  • Patch nand (change DVD Key, Drive OSIG and region)
  • Manually alter Lock Down Values (LDV – for Xebuild use)
  • And lots more to find out……
To do:
  • Finish adding lpt support for flashing coolrunner and reading/writing nand
  • add full 14717 support for slims/phats
  • add Jasper 6752 CB_B Support
  • .Net framework 4
  • Xecuter Nand-X (with drivers installed)
  • CoolRunner (RGH Only)
  • Nand-X to CR programming cable (RGH Only)
  • Soldering Skills
  • Brains
How to use:
Read the included tutorial

Thanks :
To XeBuild creators for the awesome program
To Tiros and Gligli for their build.py script
An important person to me that without him i wouldn't have made this app.
Martin_C, Redline99, Bliep4Ever and everyone that helped me create it with their invaluable info
and last but not least, the testers for .. testing

Also a big thanks to Team Xecuter for their support on this project

The author of J-Runner will not be held responsible for any damage to your 360 caused whilst using this application. Use this at your own risk! (It's a Beta after all)


Build 261
  • small bug with launch.ini where some values were set to true
  • more idiot proof. removed the pop up at start of reading
Build 260
  • added status updates on xebuild and dashlaunch
  • added support to add dashes offline
Build 259
  • fixed the actual issue on nands that need donor files
Build 258
  • added 14719 (and dash selector)
  • fixed a dashlaunch issue
  • fixed (a possible issue) on nands that need donor files
Build 257
  • fixed a problem with changing ldv
Build 256
  • Initial Release
Download Core Pack: http://bit.ly/wEcprH
Download 14719 Files: http://bit.ly/ybX9JW
Download 14717 Files: http://bit.ly/yhrUwD
Download 14699 Files: http://bit.ly/yYmKva

J-Runner Official Support Forum: Click here
J-Runner IRC Support Channel @ #J-Runner on efnet


  • J-Runner :)


02-29-2012 at 08:13 PM
Epic tool is Epic
05-30-2012 at 09:49 AM
hey download in proccess so i hope its a god 1!!!! XD

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